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Service Description: Use the following query parameters to output GeoServices info from a GeoJSON Source:A Gist may include many geoJSON files. The Layer Index is used to return the correct file starting with index 0. If the requested format is geojson (f=geojson) then you may use * for the layerId to return all encountered geoJSON in the gist.
You can also specify the URL as .../geohub/rest/services/gist+gistId+geoJSONType/FeatureService/gistFileIndex
For example, to find the 2nd file in gist 6178185, use this URL:

Has Versioned Data: false

Max Record Count: 2000

Supported query Formats: JSON

All Layers and Tables



Copyright Text:

Spatial Reference: 4326

Initial Extent:
Full Extent:
Units: esriDecimalDegrees

Supported Operations:   None